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The Swift Four Wheel Campers model is the newest model in our line. The Finch is being replaced by the Swift, in response to the newer quad cab mid size trucks, like the Tacoma.  The Finch was originally designed to fit the older mini trucks, but they are fading away as the years slide by.  The new Swift is 75” wide, like the Fleet, and provides a more spacious interior, yet keeping the footprint at only 70”. Every inch of space inside this camper has been utilized to create a very functional camper on smaller trucks. The Swift has the same slide out bed and roll over couch as our other models. Four Wheel Campers builds the Swift using only the highest quality plywood, not using any particle board and an all-aluminum frame. Four Wheel Campers leads in the art of making campers that feature roomy interiors with limited space.

The Swift model fits mid-size and mini trucks including Toyota Tacoma Double Cab, Nissan Frontier, GMC Colorado, Toyota SR5; regular cabs, extended cabs, or crew cab trucks. It maintains an eight inch low profile allowing for increased fuel economy, and its low profile enables it to fit inside your garage. The interior height when the camper pops up is a full 6’4.” Large windows in the pop up material allow an amazing amount of sunlight to come into the camper. The Finch floor plan comes with the traditional roll over couch. The options page will show you how many ways you can customize the Swift. 


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