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     Flat Bed Model

Four Wheel Camper Jackson Hole has a pop-up model specifically made to be installed on a flat bed pickup.This combination features maximum camper and truck bed space. The Flat Bed model fits a variety of mid-sized and full-sized trucks.
We offer the Flat Bed Camper in a Fleet for mid Size trucks, Hawk for Full Size 6.5 foot bed trucks, and Grandby for Full Size 8 foot bed trucks. The Flat Bed Models come with an angled overhang of ten inches. This rear angled overhang provides a solid approach angle (see pictures below).
The Flat Bed model offers considerably more storage  and floor space over the standard camper models due to fact that the camper does not need to be designed around the wheel wells. A whole new floor plan can be configured. The camper is equipped with dinette seating in the rear and features a large amount of storage underneath the seats. The camper is fully self-contained with an inside/outside shower and a cassette toilet. The cab over portion of the camper measures sixty inches (the largest cab over ever made by FWC) and has extra storage space under the bed. All the appliances are installed at a lower level, keeping the center of balance as low as possible.
By using a flat bed pickup,we are able to place the door on the side of the camper, giving the customer the ability to tow with ease.The side door allows for easy entrance.  
Please feel free to contact us on pricing, choosing the correct camper for your truck, or the correct truck for your camper.
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