New Updates


  • New improved water system using braided stainless steel lines​
  • New improved propane regulator​
  • New dimming LED lights.
  • New wrap molding, eliminating the plastic trim pieces
  • Blue Sea Battery separator
  • New Skid Guard Camper Base:  Four Wheel Campers has used Douglas Fir or Birch plywood on the bottom floor of the campers for over forty years. We have now upgraded to a modern thermally fused polyester surface on the upscale Douglas Fir plywood. This new material is called Skid Guard and it’s manufactured for decking on marina boat docks. We switched over because the new material is more durable, moisture resistant, and manufactured in Washington state. We have performed soap tests on the Skid Guard material and its abilities to resist moisture deterioration is very strong, which is excellent for the longevity of the product.  Skid Guard also improves the abrasion resistance for a camper when mounted on a truck.
  • New Painted Wood Cabinetry:  For decades, Four Wheel has used a vinyl facing on plywood cabinetry.  The new painted cabinetry uses an ultraviolet (UV) cured multi-coat finish that includes a clear coat which is then applied to an American Douglas Fir plywood.  The end result is a cabinet that looks the same, but has a much more durable finish. In the past we’ve used Mahogany plywood luan.  Environmentally, this was not good because of poor forest practices in other parts of the world.  We now use a domestic Douglas Fir that exceeds the performance of the imports, and is more environmentally responsible. We also pay attention to resourcing domestically, and want to use American made products as much as possible.
  • New Composite Folding Lift Panels:  We have recently changed over to using composite lift panels for raising & lowering the camper roof. The original bi-fold Four Wheel Camper lift system was designed in 1972, and is patented.  The nature of the panel is that it provides a sheer wall on the front and back of the camper to support the roof.  As a result, the roof support in a Four Wheel Camper is exceptionally strong offering a greater resistance to wind and snow on the roof. The new composite panel system is the same design, with a change of materials.  Instead of plywood, it’s now a fiberglass reinforced resin panel that’s made in the Dakotas. The new panels will not rot and greatly enhance the strength of the lift system.
  • Exterior Gas Strut Roof Lift Assists:  After considerable testing, we have developed a strong points of attachment and are now offing External Gas Strut Roof Lift Assists standard. .​
  • LED Interior Lighting Standard:  LED Interior lights are now standard equipment on all of our campers.
  • LED Interior Floor Lighting:  We decided to add this feature to all base model camper to help you better see your way around the camper interior at night. This is standard equipment on base model campers, and is not available on the empty shell models.
  • Positive Locking Cabinet Latches:  Many of our owners travel off-road extensively and need a serious interior door latch to keep their cabinetry closed and secure. Traditional RV latches do not typically offer the strength we needed, so we have upgraded to a fiberglass reinforced nylon door latch for the cabinet doors. These new latches are strong & reliable, and will keep the drawers and cabinets closed in overland conditions.
  • New Cabover Bed Mattress Foam:  Traditionally, we have focused on higher density foam mattresses for durability and longevity. What determines the density of a foam is called ILD, or indentation force deflection. We looked at a variety of ILD densities, from 45, to 43, to 38, and came up with one that we thought would offer more comfort.  Then we tested it in an highly empirical way.  In other words, we slept on it.  So far, customer feedback on the new overcab bed mattresses has been very positive.
  • New one piece, no screw, no seam roof on all of the Four Wheel Campers:
  • New radius rear camper door with rain gutter:
  • The “Extended Cabover Bed” is now a standard (no charge) item on all models