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The Raven is specifically designed by Four Wheel Campers to fit on full size quad cab truck with 5’8” “short” bed.  The camper fits flush with the bed to allow for ease of towing, and it’s lightweight enough for a half ton truck. Its extreme durability is unmatched by our competition. The factory builds the Raven with plywood, not particle board and an all-aluminum flex frame. Four Wheel Campers is a leader in the art of making campers that feature roomy interiors utilizing limited space.

The Raven model fits 1/2 ton, and 3/4 ton crew cab trucks. It maintains a ten inch low profile allowing for increased fuel economy, and its low profile enables it to fit inside your garage. The interior height when the camper pops up is a full 6’6.” Large windows in the pop up material allow an amazing amount of sunlight to come into the camper. The Raven floor plan is the traditional roll over couch. The options page will show you how many ways you can customize your Raven. Four wheel Campers can accommodate virtually every customer’s needs from a bare shell model to a fully self-contained model.


  • Dry Weight: 1040 Lbs.

  • Height Down (including vent): 59″ (most trucks)

  • Roof Length: 118″

  • Floor Length: 70″

  • Body Width: 80″

  • Adult Sleeping: 2-3

  • Extended Interior Height: 6′ 6″

  • Roof/Wall Framing: Aluminum

  • Fresh Water Capacity: 20 Gallons

Floor Plans
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